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Retail Mystery Shopping - RMS assessment reports provides valuable tools to consider when making business decisions. Whether for allocating proper resources, focusing training, sales skills assessment, customer experience touch point analysis, RMS will allow Retailers to have a clear and critical overview on their own retail performance. This recurrent report will typically focus on five major areas of the operation:

Store Environment — How your product are displayed - Are Your retail floor planning and way-findings optimizing the use of your retail space? Where bottle necks are formed and why.... What is the overall quality and appearance of your products and pricing strategy? Having this data will better allow you to enhance on your visual merchandising and floor traffic.

• FACILITATING BUYING DECISIONS — What kind of retail tactics are you using to facilitate for your customer their buying decision - Are you providing an enjoyable environment to extend your clients stay at your premises.

• STAFF SALES SKILLS AND ATTITUDE — How do front-liners engage with customers? Are they in sync with the Retail sale cycle technique? Is the strategy passive or active when it comes to assessing customer support? Are they applying the required guidelines and standards.

CUSTOMER SERVICE TECHNIQUE — What are you offering to maintain and engage your shoppers fidelity to your brand. What kind of resources are you using to retain and increase footfall to your store.

• SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ASSESSMENT - What is the overall shopping experience level you are providing.

Together with Together with each RMS report Retail 212 will come forth with the right solution to enhance your operation at every touch-point.

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Retail 212° is a retail and shopper's marketing insight and consultancy business, delivering tangible and sustainable growth solutions to support your retail business in a spectrum of areas, responding to various retail operation needs.

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