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Retail 212 is a retail and shopper marketing insight and consultancy business delivering tangible and transformational growth solutions to support your retail business in a spectrum of areas, responding to various aspect of your operation needs.

We collaborate with our clients to help them become high-successful retail businesses.We work hand in hand with our clients to create the richest insight, develop the most effective strategies in order to enhance and transform the capabilities of their organizations.

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The People

Roland Prince is a communication and marketing strategist with more than 17 years business expertise within the communication industry.

Roland’s career was mostly involved in business structuring, analytical research, strategic planning and brand positioning tactics. Roland is also involved in designing proprietary methodologies for developing brand strategies that contribute in highlighting the different impacts and measurement elements of various marketing communications disciplines.Roland had previously launched two companies and served as CEO to a Pan Arab communication company with offices in Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai. Prior to launching Retail 212 Roland has served as a communication and business strategy advisor for several retail business, which has led to a better understanding of the retail business enablers and shoppers behavior. He was a trusted counselor to many CEO’s, MD and Board of Directors.

Roland is a frequent lecturer, and his articles have been published regularly in prominent industry publications.He holds a double Master degrees in Economics and in Business Administration from the University of St. Joseph, (USJ) .

Roland lives in Beirut, he is married with two children.

Joe Kilo is a business consultant with more than 20 years' experience in management, business development and HCD. Joe’s career was mainly with International/multinational corporations, U.S, and the Middle East, such as Sony of America, JVC of America, AMA -American Management Association, Abella Group, Al-Ghanem Industries and others in the capacity of senior and general manager. His expertise spans into strategic planning, re-structuring, sales, customer’s service and business development.

Joe has previously launched, owned and managed two companies, Video Core U.S.A. in the electronics consumer’s service, and Bhive Group Dubai in management and HCD consultancy, serving the entire pan Arab communities. Also, he worked as business development and consultant for franchising companies in the Middle East and the U.S.A He did lectured, provided workshops and seminars, in management, sales and customers services with the AMA, (American Management Association) and Crestscom International, (a U.S. based training and development company).

Joe holds a master in business,(MBA) from the university of California, UCLA and have paneled in various management forum, workshops and seminars.

Deenah Fakhoury is a veteran Luxury Retail expert and a business development consultant with a long standing expertise – more than 23 years within the retail industry. Deenah’s career was mainly involved in establishing and structuring Retail Business Units, Creating Concepts, Developing Franchises and implementing the business processes in vast array of retail operations mainly within the luxury products; Dior, Hermes,Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso, Helena Rubinstein in addition to beauty-shoe-textile and Wine Business: C&F (chain of perfumeries) , Shoe Box , TBS, Outdoors, Mephisto Concept store.

Deenah has previously managed and developed a duty free and a bookstore operation. Deenah is member of Endeavor Lebanon who’s mission is to stimulate economic development through entrepreneurship, active Member of “Les Centres d’Entrainements aux Méthodes d’éducation Active du Liban” CEMEAL. Worked as an Animator- Director- Trainer for Summer Camps and occupied the position of President of the Association on the board from 1990 till 2010.

Deenah holds a Master in Experimental, social and cognitive Psychology and a (BA) Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Beirut.

Retail 212° is a retail and shopper's marketing insight and consultancy business, delivering tangible and sustainable growth solutions to support your retail business in a spectrum of areas, responding to various retail operation needs.

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