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How well do you know your competition?

What kind of shopping experience do they provide?

How good is their sales force?

What promotional tools are they using to push sales?

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CMS will allow Retailers to embrace competitive intelligence as a critical tool in planning and decision-making. It provides a superior system for gathering and utilizing competitive intelligence that would allow them to Understand the most important elements in the customer experience, Anticipate, Pre-empt, and React to competitors' actions.

Among other objectives, the program design stage seeks to deliver:

• Product comparisons—What is the overall quality and appearance of their products and pricing strategy? Having this data will better allow you to compare your offering to theirs.

• In-store layout and design—Does the layout of the store reflect an intuitive design plan? Do they apply innovative ideas for store roaming.

• Associate engagement—How do front-liners engage with customers? Is the strategy passive or active when it comes to assessing customer support?

• What is the overall shopping experience level they are providing.

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