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Introducing ‍‍‍the THREE HUNDRED SIXTY DEGREE ™- Total Retail Solution for Small & Medium Retail Operation. Today more than ever, retailers want to excel in the quality of services they offer to their customers, as great service means happy and loyal customers which leads to profit boost.

The THREE HUNDRED SIXTY DEGREE program is designed to deliver a bundle retail solutions to cover all aspects of your operation in one go.  The Program is set to deliver the best "shopping experience" your store can provide.

This will cover 6 distinctive retail services.:

1- Mystery Shopping Reports to assess your staff and retail performance.

2- Sales Training for your front liners/sales associates, and key account managers

3- Revisiting and enhancing your Shopper Marketing and store loyalty initiatives.

4- Retail Social media best Practice tips and guidance.

5- Store Layout Optimization and visual merchandising solutions for your store.

6- HR sales recruitment and incentive program guidance.

All this at a condescend ticket price your retail business can surely afford.‍‍‍

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